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Our Eye Doctor in Jersey City

Our eye doctor concentrates on understanding the intricacies of the human eye, as well as disorders and challenges that impact your vision—which often do not show clear symptoms until it is too late. Optometrists are well aware that vision is affected by age and risk factors over time, for people of all ages, and they comprehend the pros and cons of corrective lenses, both as contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Our eye doctor is happy to sit with you and help you understand your eye evaluation, outline your choices and listen to your eye care requirements. We are proud to provide eye care to Jersey City. Since preserving good eye health is an ongoing relationship, we are happy to answer all your questions and hear about your health history, which could be critical to assessing, diagnosing and addressing possible eye sight issues.

Meet our Jersey City Optometrist Near You

Dr. Alice Chen

Dr. Alice Chen has been a doctor of optometry for more than ten years. She enjoys practicing general optometry. She likes one on one patient interaction and that was the reason why she went into optometry.  

Dr. Alice Chen received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from State University of New York, Binghamton University. She completed one year of residency and earned her doctor of optometry degree from SUNY College of Optometry.

Outside of being an optometrist, Dr. Chen spends most of her free time in her hobby, ballroom dancing. She is an accomplished bronze level competitive and showcase ballroom dancer.